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EAPs in Canada – Creating a Better Quality of Life for Employees

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EAPs in Canada
If you're in charge of employees, you know that there are times when the life problems of your workers spill over into the workplace, where they create challenges for your team. A 21st century approach to dealing with these matters sees managers acting proactively to help employees before a crisis occurs, by implementing an Employee Assistance Plan or EAP. Creating a top-notch EAP in Canada is easy when you consult with experts. With the right EAP in place, your company will maintain high productivity, and your workers will experience a better quality of life.
Employee Issues Are Company Issues
It is impossible to be human and not experience some of life's most common difficulties; people struggle with many different types of issues. These can include:
  • Drug or alcohol dependence. Addiction and alcoholism cause many problems for individuals. Stress can cause dependence on illicit or prescription drugs, or abuse of alcohol to escalate. Employees with addiction and alcohol issues can begin to have a negative impact on the workplace. These employees may start coming in late, producing sloppy work, or drinking too much at client meetings, for example.
  • Relationship or marital difficulties. These problems can cause people great stress and affect their work performance. It can be difficult for those involved to either work through their problems without help, or to extricate themselves from the situation.
  • Elder care. As people live longer, they suffer from conditions that may keep them from functioning independently. This means that children often take on the care of aging parents. This financial and personal burden can keep employees from performing at optimal levels.
  • Childcare. Single parents, in particular, can experience stress when trying to work full time and raise small children. Sometimes employees have problems with teenagers; others may have children with special needs that require extra care and resources.
  • Grief and bereavement. Suffering a major loss can turn an individual's life upside down, and interfere with his or her ability to function.
The EAP Advantage
Employers with a plan in place to help their employees work through personal difficulties know that they are protecting their workers – as well as their bottom line.
Most EAPs involve providing employees with private counseling sessions with a psychologist. Confidential counseling with a registered professional often helps individuals to find their way through personal difficulties. A good EAP assigns a registered psychologist to your employee immediately, and the first counseling session takes place as soon as possible. Your employee will have a relationship with the psychologist and may contact them directly. As well, partnering with a top-notch company that specializes in these services ensures that your employees will have access to help when they need it. If supplementary help or support services are required, the firm will be able to refer your employee to any other expert within the network of professionals.
Partner with an organization that can work with you to create the right Employee Assistance Plan for your company. Help your employees obtain a high quality of life, and keep your workplace strong, efficient, and productive.
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